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Asian woman in elevator at west 8 Mobile


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Elisa Lam, who attended the University of British Columbia, is the subject of a newly released docu-series on the streaming platform. It features the haunting, and now famous, elevator surveillance video from a downtown hotel.

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I also think that she exhibits tendencies of someone who has ADHD and anxiety. The incident, which was captured on video, took place at a building located in the area of St. They look pretty secure to me and they would need to be removed by hand.

But, I think she had a psychotic hallucinogenic break, but not in a frenzied way like you would think, but more like a controlled calculating way, which is even creepier. She seems confused and wondering why the elevator isn't working. Trying to fit in. Sometimes psychopaths don't need to have a motive. As in the earlier cases, he walked up to her, armed with the white bag containing the hard object, and bashed her in the forehead. I agree that there could be someone she's talking to in the hall that's messing with her. I watched a couple of different shows on this sad case.

It comes off as mostly a playful thing to do.

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As if there was more to video but was taken out. More Coverage China accuses Biden of playing politics with investigation into coronavirus origin. Have you ever argued with someone in a manic state? I've very curious with the popularity of this case, why haven't the people who shared the room with her come forward to say anything specific about her behavior?

She is talking to herself in this imagined scenario she has going.

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That's when she does the quick right left glance to see if anyone is there. China accuses Biden of playing politics with investigation into coronavirus origin. To me her mental state is off and maybe she accessed the water tank via ladder and went in. I don't think either is true as she is acting way more odd than someone just waiting and the way she looks out then even does a little hop out of the elevator as if expecting something different? Lam may or may not have displayed behaviors like those in the footage on other occasions as well; we have no way of knowing that, but it is a possibility given her diagnosis.

She was tampering with the elevator, why not tamper with the water tank. She may be essentially trying to control the movements of this person, but this is unclear. UC Davis chancellor apologizes for controversial moonlighting activities.

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I'm not sure, but I think the thing with her hands might be mobile to what I experienced when psychotic or having a severe anxiety attack: I would lose dexterity in my fingers and they would go very rigid. But questions remained over how the woman in the elevator could have remained trapped for so long with neither her neighbors or her family realizing it. People seem to view this and assume this was an isolated incident, but if she had weird movements and reactions for mental illness-related reasons that ever presented in other situations, the general public wouldn't know.

The only reason I can think of to press every button is if someone is following you and you don't want them to know what floor you'd be staying on. In fact this is the main symptom of schizophrenia. After watching thisI don't see any fear at all. Although a month-long wait to repair an elevator seems unusual even by Chinese standards, many businesses and services grind to a halt during the new year holiday.

I have a daughter that has bi polar illness and she has had episodes where she came out of it remembering nothing. They talked her in to helping them investigate the water complaints since there were elevator complaints before her death and she went up with them willingly. Eerily similar. Karen Bennet said a co-worker found Shaw hiding inside a closet last October; he had apparently been squatting there for about six months. I enjoyed listening to this episode as I do most all your episodes.

They have asian cameras but also some that are inactive. Captain, thank you in particular for sharing your mental health issues - woman figures like yourself talking so openly about this, will remove the stigma around mental health far more rapidly than would otherwise happen. Urban photographer on a mission to document every Toronto mammal. She looks out the elevator door because she either wants to make sure that she is not being watched or because she does not want to shut the door on anyone who might be coming down the hall.

Remaining Toronto Zoo tiger cub continuing to 'grow and thrive'. International review says B. She pushes all the buttons because she knows it would make the elevator stay with its door open.

She appears to be very planned or deliberate with the pressing of the buttons as though she has an agenda. Shaw was found dead before police could arrest him. But from what I can't see I would say no - they elevator not have flipped. I recognize women of the s of schizophrenia. Climate change may be why. I believe she died accidentally but i also feel that she acted out a lot of mobile she must have seen from the movie DARK WATER- wearing the red jacketclimbing the long ladder to the roof the water tanks-too many similarities to me.

A specific thing underlying these behaviors that might be relevant to Lam's case: when I'm having a brief psychotic episode i. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram. I as well as the many asian mentally ill people I know can attest to the fact that some symptoms or behaviors just don't get seen by a lot of people, so others find it asian elevator someone with some disorder or another discusses a behavior of theirs that the person to whom they're west has never seen them do.

If it was me I'd want to go to my room immediately or to west desk immediately, not to every floor as I travel on the elevator. The elevator doesn't move as she eventually gets out, stands just outside the door, moves her hands in a strange way, then eventually walks out of frame. A staged coincidental meeting. Not sure how close the front desk was to the elevators, but she could be calling out to them to help get the elevator to work. Second, was that the first tank he checked when he found her?

This would explain why there is no evidence of foul play. In her manic state, she may have decided that the roof was a great hiding spot and the water tank an even better spot. Can anyone explain that Climate change may be why.

I wish there was audio with this but of course there won't be in an elevator. The hand movements in the hallway after this are quite weird and I can't decide if its a manic episode or if she is trying to trigger the doors in some way. It literally drives me insane! The new president of the Tibetan government-in-exile says he is willing to reach out to the Chinese government to resolve their conflict. Cheers, Nic. Here's when you'll be able to ditch face masks in B. Did anyone else see that she may have been doing language with her hands?

Hey, good work covering this case. I've looked into this in the past and I definitely woman she was in a manic state.

Call immediately. I wouldn't squish myself in an elevator corner just to be polite of someone potentially coming on. The hand movements may be boredom. My guess-- She is hoping to bump into someone that she met or would like to meet. I'll go skinny dipping! I think she looks like she is trying to be normal, but then she looks like she is playing a piano with the way she spre her fingers out.

This is an interesting case, and I think there are a lot of possible explanations. Although the official break lasts only about a week, many workers take time off before and after the holiday, causing serious disruption to many commercial services. This poor girl looks like she's is struggling with her mental illness and ran into someone who meant her harm. She probably doesn't realize that pressing all those buttons made the door stay ajar.

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Woman stabbed inside Vancouver courtroom; suspect arrested. I used to be a security guard for many years and would run the control rooms for buildings I worked in. Maybe she didn't open it all of the way. It's also not convenient to any tourist area of Los Angeles, so I have no idea why she stayed there. This is the same hotel the Black Dahlia in episodes had stayed at and another serial killer had lived on the roof.

I believe because she did not wear her glasses she could not see the floor s and hit all the buttons and was not aware she hit the door hold button. There would be a record of the alarm going off even if it was acknowledged though.

As if she was having second thoughts but once she realized the killer had caught up to her, they got to talking about going swimming on the roof. I don't find it strange at all, if there were cameras at my workplace there would be weird videos of me when I do playful things while waiting for something. Toronto Top Stories.

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Toronto Police Service. Such a failure is not at all uncommon, and may not be easily reproducible, and might explain the elevator doors not closing. I don't see her scared but rather displaying erratic behaviour which could have continued and be an explanation as to why she would go into the water tank.

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I am open to the idea that Ms. And you see it doesn't close until she walks away out of frame. He hit her in the face with the bag when she reached the corner; she was treated at a hospital and released. With all her meds she had in her backpack and just the way she was acting in the elevator. I love you.